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Elwis was founded in 1938 and in 1953 our founder, Mogens Wilsbech invented the World’s first low voltage hand lamp.
• The company name ELWIS is an amalgamation of the word ELektric and the first letters in the founders family name WIlSbech.
• Elwis is a 3rd generation family owned company with headquarter in Denmark.
• We have 65 years of design and manufacturing experience to help develop and produce products for leading professional wholesalers and distributors all over the world.
• We design and manufacture both in the Elwis brand and private label brands/ODM.
• Elwis offers a complete range of portable lighting to meet the needs of professional mechanics, electricians and other industrial craftsmen as well as demanding users
like ultra-runners, Nordic skiers, climbers and other extreme outdoor sportspeople.


Elwiss Illuminazione catalogo

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